In 1998, the first ultralight aircraft with the model designation Pioneer 300 was built on the basis of Stelio Frati's "ASSO V".
With advanced technology, such as a retractable landing gear, a fuselage covered with carbon fibre and refuelable wings, the aircraft, mainly built of wood, reaches a top speed of 295 km/h.

One year later the company Alpi Aviation S.r.l. is founded. The production line of the Pioneer 300 begins with a mixture of traditional manual work and industrial production.

In 2001 the smaller and lighter ultralight model, the Pioneer 200, is presented. In the following years, an aerobatic version, the Pioneer 330 Acro, and the four-seater Pioneer 400 were introduced, followed in 2013 by the LSA version of the Pioneer 300 with fixed landing gear, the Pioneer 300 Kite.

Alpi Aviation has been building UAVs and drones for reconnaissance purposes since 2007. The Syton AH 130 helicopter will be launched in 2009. The company's ISO 9001 certification is obtained in 2005, and a second production facility is opened in Croatia a year later.

Till today more than 800 aircraft have been sold to 22 countries.