The quest for perfection

Two-seater designed for most demanding pilots, it’s a further development of our Pioneer 300 with improved aerodynamic and widen interiors.
The Griffon perfectly expresses our high-performance aptitude combined with generous proportions. Alpi Aviation engineers didn’t stop with performance, durability and elegance when they reinvent the Pioneer 300.

A wider and taller cabin now offers generous shoulder and headroom, providing valuable space for its occupants and an easy access thanks to the front footboard. Real novelties in the category are the electric adjustable seats and the sound proof interiors, 100% comfort for you and your passenger!
The enlarged baggage compartment allows you stow everything for your cross-country trip.

The sliding canopy gives you an all round visibility and the new generation cockpit allows integrated avionics systems in a plug & play solution.
The easy opening cowl allow fast and clear engine inspection before your takeoff. Interiors and paintscheme can be customized in a wide range of leather and colour combination.



≫ Low-wing cantilever
≫ Electric tripod retractable landing gear (no hydraulics!) with manual emergency operation
≫ Steerable nose wheel
≫ Double cabin next to each other with double tax
≫ Mixed construction of wood and composite for maximum strength with excellent surface quality
≫ Removable wings
≫ Comfortable seats
≫ Attractive interior design
≫ Excellent all-round view




» Dimensions P 300 Griffon
» Wing span 8.10 m
» Wing area 11.0 m²
» Length 6.25 m


» Vne 280 km/h
» Cruise speed (75%) 250 km/h
» Stall speed 75 km/h
» Best climb rate speed 120 km/h
» Steep climb rate speed 100 km/h
» Best rate of climb (MTOW) 1300ft/min
» Roll rate 90° g/s
» Glide ratio 13/1
» Range at 75% ca. 1200 km
» Fuel consumption 75% ca.14 l/h
» Service ceiling 5000 m/16500ft
» Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp Engine


» Rotax 912 ULS Engine
» Retractable landing gear
» 2 x 42 l wing fuel tank
» 226 l luggage capacity
» Essential tool case
» Leather interiors
» Elevator Electric Trim
» Water resistant Canopy cover
» Easy opening cowl
» Front footboard



» Air speed indicator
» Altimeter
» Compass
» Variometer
» RPM with Hour Counter
» 2 fuel level indicators
» CHT Indicator
» Oil Temperature gauge
» Oil Pressure gauge
» Voltmeter
» Amperemeter